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Kundli Chakra 2012 Professional Full Version 240




# Glossary **Archetypes:** _See_ Rites of Passage **Chakras:** "Wheel of Life," the seven vortices of the body in which all energies flow and have their point of operation, awakening, purification, and evolution. **Classification:** _See_ Symbols **Cult:** Group of people united by a belief in some person, symbol, or idea. Some groups have a leader who prescribes what they believe. Some of these groups have their own language, clothing, and ritual. **Dionysiac:** _See_ Ordeal **Elemental:** Any of the four main elements of the material world. **Fiery Ray:** _See_ Red and Green Ray **First Ray:** _See_ Blue and White Ray **God:** ( _aka_ ) _See_ Sun **Godhead:** _See_ Sun **Green Ray:** The creative ray of the planet Venus; the ray of the element of earth. **Incorporation:** _See_ Rites of Passage **Integrity:** ( _aka_ ) _See_ Solar Plexus **Life Review:** The process through which the personality of the individual is built, and what lessons, from experience and accumulated karma, one can take to free oneself from the cycle of reincarnation. **Magical:** Any act performed with the intent to affect the life or the nature of others. **Materialization:** Any event that occurs when a projection of energy from the astral world comes to the physical plane. The energy in the astral plane gets projected to the physical plane as the appropriate force. **Masculine/Feminine:** _See_ Four Elements **Meditation:** Any of the mental processes designed to focus the mind and bring it into a relaxed state for the purposes of activating psychic abilities. **Nada:** Sanskrit word for sound. The word "Hatha Yoga" is also a portmanteau of the words "Ha" (energy) and "tha" (dharma). **Nordic:** ( _aka_ ) _See_ Four Elements **Ordeal:** A ritualized event that tests the mettle and tests the integrity of the initiate. It is



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Kundli Chakra 2012 Professional Full Version 240

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